Ouster with Velodyne Lidar

Ouster & Velodyne Lidar manufacture high-resolution lidar sensors for long, mid, and short-range applications. The company transformed lidar from an analog device with thousands of components to an elegant digital device powered by one chip-scale laser array and one CMOS sensor. The result is a full range of high-resolution lidar sensors that deliver superior imaging at a dramatically lower price.

The company is building a safer, more sustainable future. They believe lidar is the building block of a new world in which smart infrastructure and autonomous machines can see and understand their surroundings, improving safety and quality of life while driving efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency. Their patented digital lidar architecture delivers an unmatched combination of performance, reliability, and cost. They designed their sensors to meet a super set of performance requirements across industries, resulting in a suite of high-resolution digital lidar flexible enough to serve a wide variety of automotive, industrial, smart infrastructure, and robotics applications.

Midstreamonline as Malaysia sole distributor for Ouster & Velodyne Lidar products, would like to invite you to our showroom for a live demo. Kindly contact us and leave us your info.


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