• Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects for Trapcode Suite
    Red Giant Software: Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects for Trapcode Suite 
    Lightburst Templates for Easy Logo and Text Animation

    Drop your text or logo into two light-filled, pulsing animations. In Orb Wiper, an organic orb sweeps across the screen in HD. Your logo fluidly transitions from this orb and is revealed within a burst of light flares and texture. In Logo Wiper, a flash of light reveals your logo, light sparkles run along the logo, and then the logo disappears in another bright flash.

    Supports After Effects
  • Harry Frank's Video Rock for Particular
    Red Giant Software: Harry Frank's Video Rock for Particular 
    Library of Retro Style Elements for Transitions, Designs & More

    Great motion graphics often begin with the designer's asset library of design elements. The challenge is finding good libraries to work with. “Video Rock: Volume 1” is focused around a retro theme that includes primitives, doodles and wireframes. It's a terrific collection of pre-rendered design and particle elements that will finesse your current project and enhance your design library.

    Supports After Effects

    Great for Motion Graphics, Retro-style commercials
  • Nando Costa's Elements for Trapcode 3S Bundle
    Red Giant Software: Nando Costa's Elements for Trapcode 3S Bundle 
    Light Effects for Live Action Shots, Transitions & More

    Create rich transitions or add flavor to graphic scenes. This eye-catching collection reproduces various kinds of light effects and light aberrations. Most of the presets are customized light flares that can be used when compositing live-action shots. Each preset was built with in/out transitions for your ultimate convenience, yet their colors, timing and placement onscreen can be easily adjusted. 

    Supports After Effects

    Great for Motion Graphics, Commercials, Titles, Text
  • David Vinson's Super Rays for Shine
    Red Giant Software: David Vinson's Super Rays for Shine 
    50 Light Ray Animation Presets for Text, Titling & More

    Let David's work make your creativity 'shine'. This new collection of 50 presets for Trapcode Shine has light ray effects for earth, sky, water, and fire, plus a range of everyday expression. Your text characters will Blaze, your logos will crackle with Electricity, and your titles will reach an Awakening. Use the effects immediately or customize them easily to your project. 

    Supports After Effects
  • Plastic Bullet for iPhone
    Red Giant Software: Plastic Bullet 1.2
    A photo app with infinite possibilities.

    Plastic Bullet puts the fun, spontaneity, and unpredictability of plastic-fantastic toy cameras right into your pocket. 

    Supports iPhone