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Niagara® Streaming Media Appliances & Encoders

Niagara 2100 Streaming Media Appliance

The Niagara 2100 is built on the legendary quality of ViewCast Osprey® technology. You can count on the same reliable performance demanded by others who use ViewCast technology, including the world’s leading broadcasters and content delivery networks.

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Niagara 2120 Streaming Media Appliance

ViewCast has broken the price/performance barrier with its latest innovation, the Niagara 2120. Packed with many of the same powerful features found in ViewCast’s other professional-grade streaming appliances, the Niagara 2120 offers uncompromised quality and simplicity of operation in a compact, low-cost streaming solution.

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Niagara 4100 Portable Streaming Appliance

The Niagara 4100 is designed with a combination of simplicity, portability and power to quickly and easily stream your HD content to broadband and mobile networks including live streaming to Apple® iPhones® and iPads®. With the ability to ingest high-definition video, the Niagara 4100 is ideal for live sports, live newsgathering operation, webcasting or any streaming application where you need rock-solid HD performance on the go.

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Niagara 7500 HD Streaming Media Appliance

The Niagara 7500, designed for professional broadcasting applications, is a powerful streaming appliance which simplifies the complex workflows often associated with the transformation and delivery of high-definition video over IP and mobile networks.

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Niagara 8224 Streaming Encoder

The Niagara 8224 is a high-density analog encoder from ViewCast, featuring eight fully independent channels. The Niagara 8224 is the ideal choice for creating select combinations of full- and CIF-resolution streams for your most demanding multi-channel applications.

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Niagara GoStream® SURF Streaming Media Applicance

The GoStream SURF portable encoding system is well-suited for broadcasters, corporations, government entities, network service providers and ministries. It offers a wide range of features and functionality to make Internet streaming to computers and mobile devices push-button easy for even the most novice user.

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Niagara Pro II Streaming Media Appliance

ViewCast is pleased to introduce the Niagara Pro II – the next generation in professional-grade video streaming appliances. This encoder offers the most powerful processors and largest memory capacity of all the Niagara appliances, taking professional streaming to the next level. With its two independent audio and video channels, the Niagara Pro II allows you to capture and encode multiple full-resolution (D1), SDI video streams.

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Osprey® Video Capture Cards

Osprey 100 Video Capture Card

Originally designed to capture video for streaming, the Osprey 100 also has many uses in security, medical, scientific and other applications where audio capture is not needed. This is an ideal card for capturing video-only camera feeds like those used in ATM machines and surveillance, medical and scientific equipment.

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Osprey 210 Video Capture Card

The Osprey 210 starts with the legendary quality and performance of the Osprey 100 and adds on-board analog stereo audio inputs. It’s an excellent choice for low-cost systems where one video input and one unbalanced line-level audio input is sufficient.

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Osprey 230 Video Capture Card

Optimized for live streaming, take advantage of the Osprey 230’s Designed for Live features like logo bitmap overlay with transparency and positioning controls. Automatically detect and adapt on-the-fly when the input video format changes from movie frame rates to television frame rates. The Osprey 230 can do the job today and is ready for your future applications.

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Osprey 240e Video Capture Card

ViewCast is proud to add its first PCI Express® card to the Osprey family: the Osprey 240e professional analog video capture card. Legendary Osprey quality for the latest high-performance PC architectures. Designed especially for the super highspeed PCIe bus.

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Osprey 440 Video Capture Card

With the capability to simultaneously capture four independent channels of audio and video, the Osprey 440 PCI-XTM capture card is a good choice for broadcasters and government agencies.

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Osprey 450e Video Capture Card

The Osprey  450e is a PCI Express card designed to simultaneously capture four individual channels of analog video and unbalanced stereo audio signals and process them independently minimizing internal PC space requirements. The channel density enabled by the Osprey 450e allows fewer computer systems to be used for capture of a given number of channels, dramatically reducing total system cost.

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Osprey 530 Video Capture Card

The Osprey 530 is a high-performance analog and digital video capture card engineered to interface seamlessly with high-end broadcast gear for maximum performance, flexibility and reliability.

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Osprey 700e HD Video Capture Card

ViewCast is proud to introduce a cutting-edge addition to the Osprey family: the Osprey 700e HD high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) combination video capture card, featuring legendary Osprey performance - now in HD - with the latest PCI Express technology. Already making a splash, the Osprey 700e HD won TV Technology magazine’s 2007 STAR Award and was featured in HD Video Pro magazine’s February 2008 issue.

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ViewCast Software


SimulStream is a premium software upgrade that delivers digitized audio and video content from Osprey video capture cards to multiple applications at the same time.

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Niagara SCX Streaming Control & Management
Niagara SCX® Remote Management Software

Niagara SCX is the premier encoder management software.  The versatile Niagara SCX line of software provides a single, unified user experience for all of its included streaming codecs. Whether you are creating uncompressed AVI files, capturing or streaming in Windows Media and RealVideo formats, or using any of the other optional codecs—in any combination—one simple, intuitive interface makes the job a breeze.

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Niagara SCX SDK
Niagara SCX SDK

With the Niagara SCX Web services software development kit (SDK), you can harness all of the power of the Niagara SCX “engine” into your own software application—without the expense and development time of a roll-your-own solution. The Niagara SCX SDK provides you with a well-defined suite of tools and example applets to simplify the creation, delivery and management of compressed audio and video media for today’s growing multimedia-rich market.

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